Welcome to pyzeebe’s documentation!

Python client for Zeebe workflow engine

Current version is 3.0.4.

Library installation

$ pip install pyzeebe

Getting Started

Creating a worker

from pyzeebe import ZeebeWorker, create_insecure_channel

channel = create_insecure_channel()
worker = ZeebeWorker(channel)

async def my_task(x: int):
   return {"y": x + 1}

await worker.work()

Creating a client

from pyzeebe import ZeebeClient, create_insecure_channel

channel = create_insecure_channel()
client = ZeebeClient(channel)

await client.run_process("my_process")

# Run process with variables:
await client.run_process("my_process", variables={"x": 0})


  • python 3.6+
  • zeebe-grpc
  • grpcio
  • protobuf
  • oauthlib
  • requests-oauthlib